Card sharing URL format

In the interest of interoperability, this page documents the URLs generated when sharing a card.

URLs have the following parts:

hostname and path

Hostname and path must be any of the following combinations:

Hostname Path Description /share Default since 2021-07-11 /Catima/share Created when forking away from Loyalty Card Keychain /loyalty-card-locker/share For compatibility with


The following parameters are supported:

Key Required Valid values Explanation
store Yes Any string Name of the store this card belongs to
note Yes Any string An optional note for the end-user
cardid Yes Any string The loyalty card ID
barcodeid No Any string The value of the loyalty card barcode, if different from the loyalty card ID
barcodetype No AZTEC, CODABAR, CODE_39, CODE_93, CODE_128, DATA_MATRIX, EAN_8, EAN_13, ITF, MAXICODE, PDF_417, QR_CODE, RSS_14, RSS_EXPANDED, UPC_A, UPC_E The type of loyalty card barcode used
balance No Any string value accepted by Java's BigDecimal constructor The balance available in the loyalty card
balancetype No Any valid ISO 4217 value or unset for "Points" The balance currency (USD, EUR, etc.) or "points"
expiry No Any UNIX timestamp When the loyalty card expires
headercolor No A valid Android color value ( The color to use in the header and card background

Catima 2.0

As of Catima 2.0, Share URLs are in the following format for increased privacy (no leaking card info to the server):


Parameters are written as such before being url-encoded (so yes, the values are url-encoded twice)


An example share URL is as follows:

Before 2.0

Share URLs are in the following format:


An example share URL is as follows:

These are still imported for backwards compatibility, but no longer generated.